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Drawings in Water Colours by Artists Born Anterior to 1800 and Now Deceased Illustrative of the Progress and Development of That Branch of the Fine Arts in Great Britain

Burlington Fine Arts Club, London

Reference: London, 1871

Unidentified Exhibits

  • 202d – ‘View of Knaresborough, with Pool of Water in foreground’, 20 ½ × 12 ½ in (52.1 × 31.8 cm). Lent by ‘Thomas Woolner’
  • 249 – ‘Landscape. Road with Timber Waggon in foreground’, 24 × 15 ¾ in (61 × 40 cm). Lent by ‘J. E. Taylor’. Now in the collection of the Whitworth, University of Manchester (D1892.75) attributed to Peter De Wint (1784–1849).

Identified Exhibits