Paul Sandby (c.1730–1809) was nearing the end of his distinguished career as a topographical artist and printmaker when Girtin briefly became his neighbour at St George’s Row, Tyburn, following his marriage in 1800, and he depicted the site in an uncharacteristic sketch (TG1745). Girtin’s first contact with Sandby’s work probably occurred much earlier, at the home of Dr Thomas Monro (1759–1833), where he made two pencil copies of Sandby’s prints for The Virtousi’s Museum (Sandby, 1778, TG0233 and TG0312). It was the subject that was important here, however, and there is no question of Girtin studying the style of an artist who even at this early stage in Girtin’s career must have appeared old-fashioned.

(?) 1801

St George’s Row, Tyburn


1794 - 1795

The Ruined West Front of Dunbrody Abbey Church, County Wexford, Ireland


1794 - 1795

The South Transept, Much Wenlock Priory Church


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